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Founder Feature: Eva Vonk

The journey behind this project profoundly impacted me, refining my understanding of multimedia storytelling, and galvanising my commitment to this craft. It strengthened my believe that while media can sometimes marginalise and misrepresent, it equally has the power to uplift, enlighten, and unify. The positive reception of "Congo Tales" inspired the establishment of TALES, a non-profit multimedia collective committed to producing impactful projects in the same spirit.


Dressing for success is the missing link between you and your goals

As a Sustainable Stylist, my approach sets me apart from conventional fashion stylists. Rather than advocating mindless consumerism and fast fashion, I collaborate with my clients to refresh and enhance their existing wardrobes, utilizing cherished garments that evoke confidence and positive self-esteem.


Bridging the Gap: Black Girls In Design UK's Mission to Elevate Underrepresented Voices

In this article, we will delve into the impactful work of Black Girls In Design UK and their relentless pursuit of promoting diversity and uplifting underrepresented voices within the design industry. Discover how this organisation is breaking down barriers, creating opportunities, and fostering a supportive community for Black girls pursuing careers in design. Join us as we explore their mission, celebrate their achievements, and envision a more inclusive future in the world of design.



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