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Five years running Found & Flourish - here's what I've learned along the way

I ran my own consultancy at the time and loved what I did but after having my first born, I was thrown into a world of firsts. I was lonely, under-resourced and desperate to connect with other women who understood the trials and tribulations of running a business (solo) and juggling other life commitments.


Founder Feature: Eva Vonk

The journey behind this project profoundly impacted me, refining my understanding of multimedia storytelling, and galvanising my commitment to this craft. It strengthened my believe that while media can sometimes marginalise and misrepresent, it equally has the power to uplift, enlighten, and unify. The positive reception of "Congo Tales" inspired the establishment of TALES, a non-profit multimedia collective committed to producing impactful projects in the same spirit.


The Energy Equation: Balancing Hormones and Nutritional Needs to Fuel Energy Levels and Business Success

Founding a business is a massive, courageous undertaking. It’s especially notable when the world doesn’t strive to support people identifying as women or nonbinary individuals as it does with cisgender men. You’ve likely found yourself putting twice the effort into your brand than you initially expected. It’s time to boost your energy with foods that balance hormones instead of just coffee.



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