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Raising Capital - our key learnings from the experts

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3 game changing ways to use AI in your business

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'What I wish I had known'

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are you ready for a new quarter?

Spring is in the air and it's time to get super clear on how you want the rest of your year to go.

Dowload the replay of our interactive goal planning session with Lara Sheldrake, entrepreneur and founder of Found & Flourish!

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Where founders flourish

We exist to educate, connect and inspire founders and freelancers. We believe business can be fun and feminine. We believe that kindness and community are key ingredients to creating the right kind of environment for people to flourish. We want to see more women running sustainable and profitable businesses whilst enjoying the process along the way.

Join our globally expanding community where you and your ideas flourish.

We're on a mission to close the gender gap equivalent of 1.1 million missing businesses due to the fact that only 1 in 3 entrepreneurs are women.

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Anja Poehlmann

My business would not be what it is today without the amazing community Lara has built with Found&Flourish. Running a business on your own can be challenging, scary and lonely - but not if you have a tribe of like-minded people who are there to support you. This is the most-wonderful and most-welcoming community you could ever find!

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Sarah Potter

The most supportive and real bunch of female founders you are likely to meet! I have been a member of Found and Flourish for a while, and enjoy dipping into the online sessions every week on everything from mental health and finances to virtual hugs and brunch if you need to nut something out and have a natter. All are excellent! But I have only just been able to experience the joy of the in-person events too, which I am so grateful for. Autumn's Hugs and brunch was so encouraging and uplifting. It sometimes feels very lonely running a business but being with other people in the same boat to share the worries or celebrations is priceless. I am so grateful to have the flexibility to work from home, but it's so nice to have these relaxed catch-ups with brilliant women too. The recent Christmas party was so much fun, I enjoyed many enlightening and encouraging conversations with brilliant women over delicious food. And left brimming with ideals! What's not to love?! This membership is such great value for money as it's clear Lara puts a lot of careful thought into how she pulls each of the sessions, events and resources together. Thanks Lara! ❤️

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Rosie Jones

All the Found & Flourish events I have been to have been such a fantastic experience. Very well organised and communicated by Lara. Reasonably priced and at convenient venues. I have loved meeting the other Found & Flourish women and each time have left feeling more supported, informed and nurtured and with new ideas for my business and a spring in my step. Very happy to be part of the Found & Flourish community x

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Annemarie Murphy

The Found and Flourish community has been fantastic. The content, coaching calls and events are so helpful. I have connected with some wonderful and inspiring women who actively support each other in their growth. I am grateful to be part of this and I look forward to meeting more people through the coffee dates, articles and events. Thank you for setting up such a great group! I couldn't recommend it more for any business owner/aspiring entrepreneur looking to find a like minded community!

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Samantha Jones

Found & Flourish events are the place I go to connect with brilliant, like-minded females who never fail to inspire me and who made me feel right at home from the start. Always really well organised. Flowers, flat whites, fluffy pancakes and the best cheerleaders you could ask for...what's not to love? 💡☕🍳🥞

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Charlotte Faure

I don't know where to begin in describing the support that I have had from Lara, and from the new friends I have met through F & F. What started as nervily joining a brunch (utterly delicious, FYI) and speaking about my fledgling business ideas, to being hand held and lifted up through the first six months of freelancing, has been an amazing experience. If you're a big fan of sisterhood, I would urge anyone to join in the conversation at Found & Flourish.

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As Seen

Our Values

You're not an island

You do not need to have all the answers, all the skills, all the connections and do all the work. Surround yourself with great people and ask them for help. Give help willingly and openly. Community and connection is paramount for success.

We're all winging it

Nobody was born with an innate ability to pitch for investment or deliver a content marketing strategy. We’re all a culmination of our experiences, influences and knowledge gathered throughout our lives. We must not be intimidated by others or let our fears block the road ahead.

Wellbeing is essential for success

Burnout, overwhelm and stress will ruin your business if you allow it. Wellbeing is absolutely essential for your creativity and productivity. At Found & Flourish we prioritise mental health and wellbeing and encourage our members to look after themselves, first and foremost.

Kindness is key

Being kind and showing you care goes a long way in business. At F&F we encourage others to ask for help and to give their time generously as we believe the kindness economy is paramount for business success. We're proud to see our values practiced daily within our community.

Give more than you take

Community is a sense of place, it's the people, the shared values and connection. We cultivate a culture of collaboration and knowledge sharing as this is the most effective way to support and elevate one another.

Vulnerability is a super power

It's in moments of vulnerability, that you allow yourself to be supported. Not only this but we see some of the biggest transformations within the community as a result of community members being vulnerable and asking for support when they've needed it most.


take action and flourish

Our mission is to encourage action through tried and tested productivity frameworks. We provide resources, events and support for those who want to build brilliant businesses and make a profit. Join our globally expanding community where you and your ideas flourish.

For freelancers, sole traders, business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs


The business network for women and non-binary people


our wellbeing promise

Running a business can be tough, the highs are amazing but the lows leave you feeling wiped out and questioning everything (sometimes even your existence!).

There is enough overwhelm in the world without information overload so at F&F we have a commitment to our members to only provide useful and relevant information.

We put people, connection and collaboration at the heart of what we do, supporting our members to build their dream businesses without burning out in the process.