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Welcome to Found & Flourish, your friendly network for women and non-binary people braving the world of entrepreneurship founded by Lara Sheldrake. We exist to educate, connect and inspire founders and freelancers. We believe community and kindness are key ingredients to creating the right kind of environment for people to flourish.

Through our online network, events and brand partnerships, our goal is to support as many purpose driven founders and freelancers as humanly possible to achieve impact, profit and joy.

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We support founders and business owners to stay sane, learn valuable insights and access the support they need through a range of resources, events and the F&F community. Our ultimate goal, through the power of community, is for people to feel empowered with the tools and connections they need to build profitable and sustainable businesses whilst enjoying the process along the way.


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We exist because we believe business should be a place of equity, creativity and femininity. As it stands there is not enough support for women and non-binary people in the entrepreneurial space and these incredible people are still wildly overlooked. We want to be a part of the change we want to see in the world and believe creating this safe space is a good place to start.



Our vision is a world where more women have the confidence, knowledge and connections to launch successful businesses in a way that is authentic to their own values and is designed around their ideal lifestyle.

We see a world where there is less oppression of femininity, creativity and individuality in business, and where we’re all empowered to make more conscious decisions about our careers, passions and methods of generating income.

Psst! We donate at least 20% of our profits every month to a cause close to our hearts, let us know of a charity or cause you think we should know about.
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