Why we're not running an event on International Women’s Day this year 🙅‍♀️

Lara Sheldrake

Another year, another [insert choice of words here] International Women's Day.


"Gender-equality washing"


These are all words we've seen used to describe International Women's Day over the last few days.

Unfortunately, we agree.

Last month we posted why we're not hosting an event on IWD this year. The feeling was reciprocated by many.

Every day is about women within the Found & Flourish community. We love hosting events and we have some great ones planned for March but IWD can be such an overwhelming day. People end up exhausted, rushing around from event to event for FOMO and often, those speaking at these events are either underpaid or not paid at all?!?

HOW are we still fighting for equality and equal pay, on the one day when this shouldn't even be a debate?!

No shade against those running IWD events, we LOVE spotlighting women doing brilliant things. And we want to create some space for those shining a light on women we’re yet to meet and know about.

Here's the issue

⚖️ To have equal pay and opportunities for women and men does not mean gender parity for all. Equality is just half of the battle, equity is the goal here.

🙋🏾♀️ In 2022, Black women earned 70% what white men earned, they were paid 1/3 less than white women and only 0.3% of VC funding went to black female founders in 2022.

📈 Investment policies have just been changed to raise the wealth threshold, which will have a detrimental effect on the early-stage ecosystem, especially women and those from under-represented groups.

How are we going backwards?!

The theme for IWD this year is inclusion.

“If your feminism isn’t intersectional, we don’t need it. It’s racist.” - unknown

I heard this on a video yesterday and it so perfectly puts my point above.

So my question to you is, how will you embrace inclusion this year?

How will you apply inclusion to your content, your events and the voices you elevate?

Need help? We can recommend lots of great speakers within the gender equality and inclusion space, there are many!!

A few that come to mind include:

- Vanessa Belleau, Executive coach and D&I consultant

- Tamu Thomas, Author, speaker and coach

- Katy Murray, Womens Leadership coach

To see a full list of reccommended speakers in the space of equity, intersectional feminism and inclusion, check out this LinkedIn post here.

Email us hello@foundflourish.co.uk and we will happily introduce you to some brilliant women in this space.

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Lara Sheldrake

Lara is a speaker, business consultant and the founder of Found & Flourish, an online network for women and non-binary people in business. Lara consults on the topics of community, business and entrepreneurship. She is on a mission to make business accessible and less lonely. Through the power of community and collaboration, Found & Flourish empowers women to upskill, connect and truly flourish.

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