Feeling disconnected? Try this

Lara Sheldrake

What would you say if I asked "how connected do you feel to your business and mission right now?"

Perhaps you feel slightly misaligned with your audience, or you're working on projects that don't necessarily light you up?

This sparks some interesting thoughts and feelings when I approach this topic within my community programme.

If you’re feeling low on motivation or missing that feeling of deep connection, I may have just the tonic.

Usually, when we feel this way, it’s because we have lost a bit of ourselves somewhere down the line. We get caught up in the excitement of doing new things or become inspired by what someone else is doing, that we get distracted and start to try new things.

This can be great as it’s a way of diversifying our offering, but it can also dilute what we are doing, the impact we want to have and the value we provide for our community.

We can start to feel lost and disconnected.

So what starts off as the best intentions ends up doing the opposite, and as a result we feel overwhelmed and this can lead to burnout.

So as always, it’s back to basics.

If any of the above resonates, try this exercise and define the following:

✍️ Who you are

✍️ What you do

✍️ Why you do what you do

✍️ Who you do it for

Whether you’re a solo founder, freelancer or run a brand or business. When was the last time you shared this information with your audience?

You may want to go a little deeper and explore things like your values, vision for the world and your purpose.

These are the things that (if you're clear on) will have a huge impact in the way you show up in your business and for the world.

People connect with people (and their “why”) so shout it from the roof top and let people know why they should care about what you do.

One of the biggest barriers in business for women and non-binary is the feeling of loneliness and isolation.

So for me, it’s about eliminating the feeling of loneliness, and providing a platform on which women and non-binary people can connect, create and collaborate with one another, as well as seek support and have fun along the way.

What about you?

About the Author

Lara Sheldrake

Lara is a speaker, business consultant and the founder of Found & Flourish, an online network for women and non-binary people in business. Lara consults on the topics of community, business and entrepreneurship. She is on a mission to make business accessible and less lonely. Through the power of community and collaboration, Found & Flourish empowers women to upskill, connect and truly flourish.

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