CEO DAY - why every founder should attend one

Lara Sheldrake

Last week we ran our second CEO day, this time it was in partnership with The Hearth, a woman's co-working space in the heart of North London and I was joined by the wonderful money coach, Sara Maxwell and careers coach, Jaz Broughton.

We know what it's like to run a business and not have time to invest in certain areas of it. We are so busy in the day to day that we tend to neglect the strategic or more 'blue sky thinking' elements that every CEO needs to spend time on, if they're going to have those "ah-ha!" moments of clarity. Not only this, but taking the time to assess where you are in your business and where you want to be is crucial if you want to move the needle forwards.

We run these sessions to give women the chance to work ON their business not just IN it. We have the best intentions when it comes to wanting to make progress, but the days turn into weeks and the weeks turn into months and before we know it all the intentions we had for ourselves and our business fall by the wayside, sound familiar?

So our CEO days are a chance for you to focus on YOU and your business, without any distractions from the outside world.

*Notifications off, laptops down, phone on silent*

During our CEO day, we cover everything from:

🎡 The wheel of life

🔥 Business goals

💪 Operating in your zone of genius

💸 Money mindset

📈 Financial planning

✨ Limiting beliefs and how to overcome them

📸 Headshots with Donna Ford

We also spend some time swapping our own practical business tips, meeting other amazing women in business and finish the day with a headshot session.

The feedback has been amazing and so we’re already working on dates for 2023 sessions in Brighton, London and Manchester.

Here's a little snapshot of our day thanks to the lovely Donna Ford.

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Lara Sheldrake

Is a speaker, mentor and the founder of Found & Flourish, an online membership, media and events platform for women in business. She is on a mission to make business accessible and less lonely for entrepreneurial women. After having her son and struggling with feelings of isolation she decided to create the safe and nurturing space she craved when she was embarking on this new journey of motherhood and entrepreneurship. Through the power of community and collaboration, Found & Flourish empowers women to upskill, connect and truly flourish.

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