Build your community in 30 days

If you're looking to attract, nurture, and retain customers or clients, a community-building strategy is the method employed by many wildly successful entrepreneurs.

'Community' isn't merely a buzzword but rather a means of establishing genuine connections and fostering a know/like/trust relationship with individuals who can evolve into your biggest fans.

“Community building is going to be one of the most important, if not the most important, skill set for future Founders across industries. You need a community and you need it as early as possible for whatever product [or business] that you’re going to build.” - Morgan Beller, Co-founder of Diem


✅ Get clear on your goals (business and community!)
✅ Nail your value proposition
✅ Learn how to build a know, like, trust relationship with your audience
✅ Create content that resonates and connects you to your ideal customers or clients  
✅ Establish how to build a community aligned with your values
✅ Learn how to build a sustainable community without burning out in the process
✅ Feel confident in your approach and connect with the *your* kind of people
✅ Build the right foundations for an excellent year ahead

Learn the foundations of building your very own engaged community aligned with your values within 30 days. This accelerator will be all about attracting your community.

£99 for 30 days of prompts, support and a community to experience it with.

We start on the 1st June
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